Concrete table top and sinks

Concrete - stone kitchen worktops, surfaces with sinks for bathrooms, artificial stone surfaces, etc.

Architectural concrete kitchen worktops are a very practical and aesthetic solution that will suit both small and large interiors. They are very resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage, as well as low and high temperatures. In addition, they will not change color and will not change color after many years of use. Concrete kitchen surfaces (stone surfaces) fit perfectly into the minimalist and industrial style. Thanks to them, each interior acquires an original character.

We specialize in the production of architectural concrete surfaces 3 -20 cm thick with one or two monolithic sinks together with the work surface. We offer models of various shapes and colors (worktops with sinks for bathrooms, kitchens) that meet the individual needs of our customers. We undertake the implementation of the most unusual projects. We assure you that a custom-made concrete work surface will be a stylish addition to a modern kitchen interior. Please contact us.

How else to introduce architectural concrete into the interior?
Architectural concrete can be placed in the kitchen, bathroom, by laying it on the walls, producing bar counters, stone kitchen tables, stone shelves, concrete sinks, concrete baths, etc. The result of such an agreement will be an interior designed in a modern style. Its uniqueness will be further emphasized by furniture with smooth glossy facades and a metal frame. Architectural concrete in the kitchen goes well with wood on the floor, as well as other accessories such as shelves. Metal dishes can become another stylish accent in such a composition. Another interesting solution is breaking concrete with untreated red bricks. It is enough to put a fragment of the wall on them, and the kitchen will immediately acquire an expressive character.