In the field of fibrous concrete

In the field of concrete with LED lighting. Original landscape design elements. Ball with lighting.

Cement garden decor.Can be used as a landscape design garden design or room design element, as a landscape decorative lighting.Resistance to frost and weathering.

In the field of fiber-reinforced concrete .It is possible to paint in any shade, it is also possible to apply any decorative coating. Drawing is possible in standard and individual. it is also possible to cut out your logo, etc.

Dimensions: 0.5m to 2.0m

Weight: 16kg-150kg

50cm –290/320 €   ;90cm- 580/630€

60cm –330/365 €  ;100cm- 790/855€

70cm –370/410 €  ;120cm-- 920/1020€

80cm –440/490 €  ;130cm- 1075/1165€

140cm-- 1550/1730€   ;150cm - 1860/2100€


We have developed an innovative technology for the production of thin-layer lightweight concrete, Fiber Concrete allows you to create unusual architectural, decorative and functional elements from concrete. We specialize in concrete spheres, i.e. spherical shapes made of concrete - whole spheres or their fragments. We create unique hollow concrete spheres, benches and concrete tables or fountains. Can be used as a landscape design element or room design.


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